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Your Wedding Day will be one of the most important and treasured experiences of your life!  We, at Master Musicians, specialize in ensuring that every note is customized and tailor-fitted to your vision!  Our professional, Award Winning Musicians and Ensembles provide quality arrangements designed around your specific processional, and create the perfect tone to compliment the style of your dream wedding! 


Ceremony Education:

Master Musicians provides you with your own Personal Music Consultant, who can guide you through the options and possibilities that best fit your vision.  You PMC will help you decide on the appropriate instruments, equipment, and music selections that will make your wedding day unforgettable!  Here is the general timeline for a typical ceremony, as well as some ideas for your nuptial celebrations!


For a musician, the ceremony is broken up into five sections:


    Processional of the Wedding Court

    Processional of the Bride/Groom




The Prelude is the time prior to the ceremony service, and is generally 15 to 20 minutes long.  Your ceremony becomes magical when your guests walk in and are greeted by live musicians, an irreplaceable three-dimensional aspect to the music that will enhance the ambiance of your wedding. 


The Processional is the next two portions of your ceremony.  The first part of the processional is the entrance of the officiant, seating of the family, the groom’s entrance and the entire wedding party (including flower girls and ring bearers).  Your Personal Music Consultant will ask you to choose one song for this processional, maybe two if you have an exceptionally large procession.  Too many songs for this can lead to gaps of silence, as musician change music, and a disjointed experience for the guests.  Ask your PMC what is best for your Wedding Court Processional!  


The Grand Entrance! The moment you’ve been planning since the day you said “YES!” Your Grand Entrance is yours and only yours, and we encourage our couples to choose a song that is meaningful to them and not to share this with the wedding court. Your live musicians will customize every note, ensuring that when you meet the love-of-your-life you have an elegant finale! 


The Interlude is one, carefully selected song to be performed during the ceremony.  While we do not encourage music during the ceremony itself, to avoid distracting the guests, some couples arrange for an interlude, such as a candle-lighting ceremony, a sand ceremony, or even the signing of the marriage documents, and choose to have music performed. 

Recessional & Postlude

The Recessional is the exit of the marriage couple, as well as the wedding court and family.  This commencement is usually marked by the couple's first kiss or the announcement of the newly married couple.  Your Personal Music Consultant will suggest upbeat music to make a grand, declarative statement of “WE DID IT!”  The Postlude follows the recessional, so guests and can enjoy a last moment of your live ensemble as they move on to cocktail hour! 

"We were introduced to Julie by our wedding planner and so glad that we hired her team for our ceremony and cocktail music!! I’ve always loved instrumental music at weddings because I think it just adds a nice touch of class to the event. Julie was always very responsive to emails whenever I had any questions. As we got closer to our wedding date, she worked with me to make sure that we had the right instruments to have the best quality sound. We went with the strings duo and a pianist and the music was beautiful!!! And for our cocktail hour we went with a steel drummer, which was really cool!! Our wedding was a destination wedding and my side of the family is from the Caribbean so it was the perfect touch! I would highly recommend Master Musicians to anyone!!"

~ Stephanie & Jason

Married April 27, 2019 at EAST Miami

"They made our wedding espectacular! They were very easy to get in contact with. They were very professionally! Everyone at the wedding loved it! All they talk about is how awesome the violinist was! Thank you for making my wedding memorable!!"

~ Tiffany & Brian

Married August 6, 2017 at the Signature Grand

Things to Consider

   Special Requests:

Upon hiring Master Musicians, you will receive a suggested repertoire sheet to assist you in your selections. Special requests should be submitted to your Personal Music Consultant no later than 30 days prior to your wedding date. Should we need to purchase music, or adapt music for your contracted ensemble, there may be a financial cost added to your package. Every note is customized to your special day, so you can be sure your special requests are performed to fit your processional just right!


Accompanying other musicians:

Our packages include all preparation for musicians in our network. However, if you have hired a singer or have a friend or family member who wishes to sing with our musicians, we are happy to accommodate! We require a rehearsal to ensure that the performance is flawless.  The lowest cost to you for this rehearsal time is to have the musicians booked 15 minutes to 1 hour earlier than their contracted performance time for the opportunity to practice with your chosen vocalist. Speak with your Personal Music Consultant if you're interested in this option.


Cocktail Hour & Reception Music:

You aren’t limited to live music just for the ceremony! You can have the ceremony musicians continue on into cocktail hour, or even hire new musicians to change the ambiance and get everyone ready for a party! You can also add live musicians to your DJ for the reception, creating a live music experience throughout your reception! Ask your Personal Music Consultant to help you find the perfect musician combination for your entire wedding day! 

Ceremony Horror!

Imagine walking down the aisle to NOTHING! Only silence and the sound of your own heartbeat! Perhaps you have a recording, but it freezes half-way down the aisle, or ends abruptly when you reach the front…yikes! No one wants to think about what can go wrong during their wedding, however it is important to prepare for unforeseen circumstances.

That is why live musicians are the perfect addition to your wedding ceremony!  Not only will the ensemble impress your guests and enhance the ambiance of your ceremony, but a live ensemble can also entertain and provide a calming setting for everyone if things don’t go according to plan.

Other Services

Social & Corporate Events

Holiday Parties, Award Ceremonies, Fundraisers and more! Discover the live music opportunities for you next Company Function!

Education & Therapy

It's never too early or too late to learn an instrument!  Learn more about our Education and Music Therapy programs today!

Sound Stage

Explore the Award Winning Talent on our Sound Stage! See what music possibilities are available for your special event!

Want more information?

Master Musicians is ready to assist you in creating a spectacular live music experience for your Wedding Day! 

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