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Welcome to Master Musicians!

Hello and welcome!

We are Master Musicians, a boutique-style music planning agency to help you with all of your Live Music needs! You're probably wondering when you need live music that you would have to contact an agency. Well it's important to first think about how important music really is to our daily lives.

Think back to your morning commute, coffee and bagel in tow, sitting in morning rush hour, trying to awake from the morning fog. You've probably got the radio on in your car, and even though it might be morning show, start to take notice of the sounds they use. When they start a bit or a game, there is usually music during the set up, or sound effects are used to amplify a point. Even the commercials utilize music to help you connect with the product.

Consider the last movie or TV show you watched. Start to become aware of the different sounds and music used throughout the plot. Would you have cried during the ending scene of that Rom-Com, or have been as frightened during the climax of that horror film?

Music is a critical element in creating a specific ambiance or experience. You can find music in every area of your life, from the music in the grocery store to the live band playing at a concert! Your special event, be it a wedding, a birthday, or a holiday party, also needs this irreplaceable element to enhance the ambiance and help guests connect and remember every moment of the big day!

Why choose live musicians over a recording or a DJ? While DJ's are great for parties and dancing, they are relatively common place today. You can see a DJ in a nightclub or at a friend's wedding reception. But live musicians offer a different experience. Live musicians offer a unique, customizable element of charm, sophistication as well as an entertainment factor (how often do you see a live string quartet or a steel drummer?).

Master Musicians has over 16 years of experience providing clients with some of the best live musicians in the South Florida Area. We at Master Musicians work one-on-one with each of our clients to customize a live music performance to best fit their vision for the day. When you work with Master Musicians, you are speaking to a Personal Music Consultant and a real musician, who understands the possibilities of each instrument and ensemble, has years of dedicated experience to the musical art form, and can guide you through the options of musicians, songs and more!

We hope you will find this blog helpful and enlightening. We hope to include tips on music choices, instruments, time-line organization, promoting new specials available to new clients and more. You can always reach out to one of our Personal Music Consultants for more information about our services!

Good luck with the planning!

The Master Musicians Team

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