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SWEET Summer Music Sale!

Why do you need Live music for your Wedding Ceremony?

Allow me to give you a few reasons.

First of all, your wedding is the one day that is dedicated to you and your Spouse.

Everyone you know and Love dearly will be there to support you! You want the music to that you hear as you're walking down the aisle or as you are standing at the alter to be important and significant to how you feel about your soulmate. A customized version of your special song is what you get when you hire a live Musician. We watch and time your song to your walk down the aisle. Also how often do you have a string ensemble or Guitar player to play a song just the way you want it?


Your Wedding is a special moment in your life. It's all about details! from something old, something new, something borrowed, and something Blue to the topper on your cake, details are the things that make the day unique. With a live musician playing your special song down the aisle, your guest will know that you didn't skimp out on anything important. It gives you the WOW factor that you were looking for during your ceremony. The three things that say in your loved ones minds after your wedding day, giving them that unforgettable experience are the Dress, the Venue, and the MUSIC! live music puts the big, beautiful bow on the gift that is your Special day.

With that being said, take advantage of our SWEET Summer Special!

We would love to help make your wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, and even reception memorable and perfect!

Book your Musicians with Signed agreement & Deposit By

July 1st, 2018

and receive $15.00 off per Musician!

Valid to Palm Beach, Broward, and Miami-Dade Counties *excludes The Keys *Deal excludes Harp*


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