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Tip of the Week: Amplify your Officiant!

This is it! Your big moment! You've spent hours agonizing over the words you will say to each other, in front of all of your friends and family. Make sure your guests can hear every word of your ceremony by adding a microphone. This is often overlooked, but it's critical to ensure that your officiant has a microphone not only for themselves to use during the service, but also for you during the most important moments.

We suggest communicating with your officiant before you make arrangements with another company to provide sound equipment. Many officiants have systems they can bring with them. Your DJ/Production Company may also be able to provide an extra microphone for the ceremony as well. We, at Master Musicians, are happy to provide our sound equipment for your ceremony if you need it. What kind of system should you reserve?

It often doesn't take much to amplify your officiant, and sometimes simple is better. Reserve a basic microphone setup, which includes a hand-held microphone, microphone stand and a batter-powered amplifier. Choosing a wireless microphone often requires a power supply for the receiver, so keep your venue in mind if you would like this option.

Lapel microphones are great for a "hands free" service. Just remember to include a microphone for the bride and groom! Your guests are there to see you make the vows, not the officiant!

For more information about the best option for your Officiant Microphone System, contact your Personal Music Consultant or inquire with Master Musicians today!

Good luck with the planning!

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