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2017 Top 10 Wedding Styles!

As you are planning your wedding, keeping a clear vision is key! Knowing the ambiance you want to create will make the planning process much smoother, and will help eliminate some of the stress that comes with planning the Big Day. Below are some of the Top 10 Wedding Styles and the best ensemble options to help set the mood!

10. The Vintage Wedding

With the rising trend of Bohemian Chic, this antique style is a new favorite for brides looking to create a rustic setting for their wedding day. Often accomplished with lace, distressed wood, and adorable mason jar vases, adding a Guitar & Flute Duo will help tie all the elements together to create a whimsical, vintage experience!

9. The Practical Wedding

Simple is the motto for these brides! A Practical Wedding eliminates the exotic decorations, the extravagant productions and embraces the natural beauty of the location. A Solo Guitar is the perfect addition to this celebration. Giving the guests a unique experience with a wide variety of styles and music options available.

8. The Creative Wedding

Something new! Something different! Something that will have your guests talking for years to come! The range of possibilities is endless...from refurbished School Busses to a firework display at the end of the night, these celebrations incorporate unique elements meant to impress. For your music options, consider a Vibraphone Ensemble to add that WOW factor to your cocktail hour and even your ceremony!

7. The Traditional Wedding Why reinvent the wheel? Stick with the traditional options of red roses, tuxedoes and a classical ambiance! Customize your Traditional Ceremony with a Flute, Violin & Cello Trio, creating a romantic, clean sound for your walk down the aisle! The light sound quality of the flute adds a unique touch to the otherwise traditional string ensemble.

6. The DIY Wedding

Some brides have the creative chops for a Do-It-Yourself wedding! Designing the flowers, table settings, the invitations, the place cards...with all that hard work, it's important not to forget to add your music! Try a Violin Duet for your ceremony...give your guests a romantic ambiance and tailor-made wedding entrance for you!

5. The Down-to-Earth Wedding

Who needs "Pomp and Circumstance" when "All You Need Is Love?!" Something simple and elegant like a solo violist is perfect to create a classy ambiance that will enhance the personalized touches of your ceremony! The viola is a unique choice and offers a warm and enchanting setting.

4. The Elegant Wedding

Any Elegant Affair needs a Harp! The harp is an impressive looking instrument, standing at five and a half feet tall with intricate gold plating, and creates a whimsical sound to complement the rich elegance of your ceremony! Adding other instruments like the violin or the flute will only enhance the sweet melodies of this stunning instrument.

3. The Fun Wedding The Fun Wedding has a laid-back feel to it! Brides can include everything from informal attire to over-sized yard games (corn hole anyone?) to invoke a high energy, engaging experience for their guests. We suggest the Steel Drums for this wedding. Steel Drums are iconic instruments to the Caribbean and inspire a "Reggae" setting for guests to relax and enjoy.

2. The Classic Wedding

The Classic Wedding is clean, elegant, traditional, with a hint of personality mixed in! To enhance that classic sound, add a piano. The look of a piano, along with the simple music arrangements, combined with the wide range of song options will give your guests that timeless experience you're looking for!

1. The Romantic Wedding

Nothing says Romantic quite like a String Quartet! With two violins, one viola, and one cello, the string quartet creates a full, rich rendition of each song and gives you a customized musical experience. The string quartet is the perfect ensemble to create that Romantic Wedding Day you're looking for!

And these are the Top 10 Wedding Styles in 2017! Which one are you planning?

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