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The Royal Wedding!

On Saturday, May 19, 2018, Prince Harry of Wales married Ms. Meghan Markle of the United States at St. George's Chapel in Windsor...and it was spectacular! Meghan wore a beautiful boat-necked dress during the ceremony, while Prince Harry looked dashing in his uniform. Every girl's dream wedding wrapped up in a single day!

You too can create a Royal Wedding experience for your special day. It's all about the mood. Choosing an elegant venue, the right bouquets, and of course...the music. To help you make your wedding regal and elegant, we have put together a playlist of all of favorite selections of the Royals, as well as some of the music chosen by Meghan to incorporate her American heritage!

In 1981, Prince Charles of Wales married Lady Diana Spencer in one of the most watch wedding ceremonies in history. Princess Di's fashion influenced the world, and so did her choice in music! Lady Di walked down the aisle to Trumpet Voluntary, with a chorus of trumpets, an organ and a string orchestra. To recreate this regal entrance for your wedding, reserve a String Quartet with a pair of Trumpeters to announce your grand entrance with this classic song choice!

One Friday, April 29, 2011, the first son of Prince Charles and Lady Di, Prince William, married Kate Middleton at Westminster Abbey. Kate looked beautiful in her lace gown, and her entrance music was "I Was Glad" by Sir Parry. This hymn was written for the coronation of King Edward VII and has been used at every coronation since. Definitely the perfect song to create a regal entrance! We suggest a Piano, Violin & Cello Trio for this selection, and you can add one or two singers to create the choir effect!

Finally the entrance of Meghan at St. George's Chapel on Saturday! Meghan entered the church to Handel's Eternal Source of Light, also known as Ode for the Birth of Queen Anne. Elegant and modern, Meghan's entrance on the arm of Prince Charles was touching and intimate. Of course, you will need a trumpet entrance, and we suggest having a Harp Ensemble with a Violin to perform the beautiful melodies, coupled with the bright trumpet lines!

As Americans, we have a proud and unique history, and Meghan included that heritage into her wedding ceremony with a performance of Stand By Me from a Gospel Choir. While you may not have a full choir at your own ceremony, you can certainly have your ensemble perform this classic song during your unity ceremony!

Prince Harry and Meghan left the chapel to "God Save The Queen," the melody of which was used in "My Country 'Tis of Thee" for us Americans, followed by William Boyce's Symphony no. 1 in B-flat and "This Little Light of Mine" (again another nod to Meghan's American heritage). If you choose this for your ceremony exit music, definitely reserve a String was meant for these songs!

For more ways to create a "Royal Wedding" for your wedding day, contact Master Musicians to speak with your Personal Music Consultant who will guide you to choose the perfect music and ensemble for your ceremony!

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