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Tip of the Week: How many musicians do you need for your wedding?

Music is such an important element for any event, be it a wedding ceremony, birthday party, or corporate function! Picking the right music to fit the style and mood of the event is very important. Hopefully this guide will help you assist you as you decide on the perfect music for your special day.

The first step is determine how many musicians you will need. If you're planning on having 200 guests, choosing a solo flute may not be the best option for your cocktail hour. Below is a little guide to your music ensemble sizes.

Small Weddings & Events (50 or fewer guests)

For small, intimate weddings and events, a soloist is perfect. You can choose any of the following instruments: Violin, Cello, Flute, Piano, Harp, Guitar, Saxophone, Steel Drums and Bagpipes. These soloists create unique, intimate experiences for everyone to enjoy.

Medium Weddings & Events (100 or fewer guests)

For medium sized weddings and events, additional musicians enhance the sound and create fuller renditions of the music requested. Complete ensembles are typically three or more musicians, but duos and amplified soloists are also great options.

Large Weddings & Events (100 + guests)

Large weddings and events require a little more “oomph” from the music. The larger ensembles offer complete renditions of all of the music selections, as well as a naturally louder sound, which should carry easily over a cocktail hour or dinner party. Quartets and trios are the best options here.

For more tips on how to pick your ensemble, be sure to follow us on Facebook or contact one of our Personal Music Consultants for direct guidance!

Happy planning!

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